3S  Security Solutions Specialist, Inc. offers a diverse lineup of security products suitable for all types of security needs. Together with our Technology Partners, 3S ensures top of the line security products designed with the best features and functions which can be systematically integrated to provide the complete security package.

Access Control

An efficient system that recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter into the premise thereby giving complete protection ensuring security within the system.

Access Point

Access Points are important for providing heightened wireless security and for extending the physical range of service a wireless user has access to.

IP PBX & VoIP Telephony

IP telephone system uses packet-switched Voice over IP (VoIP), or Internet telephony, to transmit telephone calls over the Internet as opposed to the  circuit-switched  telephony  (PABX / PBX) used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network.

PA / BGM System

A Background Music (BGM) System in a commercial environment is a music playback system that plays continuous background music, normally via a distributed public address audio system. This doubles as a Public Announcement (PA) System for emergency evacuations or other announcements.

Perimeter Fence

The Electric Fence System is made to detect, deter, deny defend, and delay any intrusion to the guarded facility and to further alert the guards in order to take the appropriate subsequent steps.

Surveillance Cameras

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to record surveillance footages and also view live feed remotely.


This protects computers, laptops, smartphones and similar devices from unauthorized access or operation, distinct from a virtual security switch which offers software protection

Gate Automation

A button-operated gate motor is used to operate both swing-type and sliding type gates, enabling the user easy entrance and exit of the premises.


We offer a wide variety of cables made from the highest grade of materials such as copper and aluminum, which are commonly utilized for network, fiber optics, and access control applications.