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Access Control Workshop

Falco controllers are PCB Boards that were designed and developed based on innovative technologies; to be used in the areas of Access Control, Time & Attendance, and other critical functions of Security & Administration sector. Communicating via TCP IP, these controllers are used in door control system (Alarm / Lift / Fire Alarm / Car Park / IO).

Types of Controller

  • Door Access Control
    • To restrict the access of highly secured rooms;
    • Wireless / mobile access control;
    • Special procedures available to enhance credentials.
      [icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Dual-card usage (optional)
      [icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Alarm activation / de-activation
      [icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Man-trap configuration
  • Turnstile/Pedestrian Access Control
    • To avoid tail-gating / illegal entry;
    • To control visitors from entering and exiting the premises easily;
    • Better human-flow with security prespective to recognize face and credentials;
    • To collect time in and out for attendance.
  • Car Park/Car Barrier Access Control
    • To secure the vehicle and driver
    • Global-antipassback feature to support multiple entry and exit scenarios
    • Vehicle counting feature available
    • To control parking segments / areas of visitors and tenants.
  • Lift/Elevator Access Control
    • To increase the security level of a building;
    • Access to individual floors can be assigned and controlled;
    • Direct access to room or office;
    • Suitable for multi-tenant environment, inter-department, subsidiaries, etc.
  • Monitoring Input/Output Control
    • To monitor doors without locks (fire exit doors);
    • Designed as a building alarm system;
    • Connect to 3rd party devices using low-level connection;
    • Customization – as visual mimic panel.
  • Rack Control
    • To prevent data storage and IT equipment from being tampered with or stolen;
    • Indisputable audit trail of events;
    • Central registration for users;
    • Easily generates report for compliance;
    • Real time monitoring.