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What is a Security Electric Fence System?

  • A non-lethal, self-monitoring fencing system that uses a series of Aluminum Alloy, High Tensile or Stainless Steel Alloy Wires, installed in a parallel alignment.
  • Constructed on top of an existing fence wall (with or without steel grilles), at the back of existing fixture, or can start from the ground up, for the primary purpose of protecting one’s premise from intruders.
  • Can run 24/7 with minimal need of monitoring by anyone, informing of faults or problems within the system through early warning device/s.

The Security Electric Fence can…

  • DETER – serves as not only a physical but a psychological barrier (the possibility of receiving a high voltage shock), will make any would be intruder think twice before entering.
  • DENY – sends a regulated electric pulse around the fence line that gives a short, sharp, painful, but safe shock, making it difficult to climb the fence.
  • DETECT – the system can differentiate between a serious breach on the fence and disturbances caused by birds, dogs, cats or weather conditions by triggering an early warning device/s attached to the system.
  • DEFEND – with no one being able to enter your premises, you have a peace of mind and can sleep better knowing you are well protected 24/7.
  • DELAY – by keeping the perimeter protected using a Security Electric Fence, the attempted break-in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond. Thus, saving lives and preventing assault, loss of valuable assets, and damages to property.

Benefits of the Security Electric Fence

  • Offers 24/7 security – security guards tend to sleep during the night. 24/7 operation is recommended.
  • Cheaper operation – consumes less than 40W of electric power per hour. In terms of peso value, around P600 to P700 per month. While a security guard may cost around P12,000 per month per 12hours shift.
  • Cheaper maintenance – the use of stainless steel (type 304) means rust resistance. No more repainting every year (2 or 3 for some).
  • Easy operation – password can be changed regularly. System is actively diagnosing itself whenever it is active.
  • Adaptable – can be easily attached to any existing alarm system, surveillance system or any security system
  • Expandable – from a single zone to 64 zones system
  • Power Save – ability to cover long distance for the same electric consumption
  • Eco-Friendly – can be used with solar panels